DIGITAL DESIGN and IDYLIUM have decided to use their know-how by giving an initiative with great prospects by betting everything on Made in Italy Design – that mix of art, technology and innovation that the whole world envies.

DIGITAL DESIGN, thanks to its research and development department and advanced technologies for the management of different types of materials, produces punches and master moulds for large slabs (up to 3200x1600mm), able to give the stone special structures, involving up to 30% of the total thickness of the slab. Through an extremely flexible and customizable range of thermal processing can also customize large sizes of material or limited series with decorations and applications of maximum precision.

  • IDYLIUM Montenapoleone Collection – The continuous veining – MoonyDesigned by Digital Design 

IDYLIUM is the Italian-Spanish startup of mineral stone in large format slabs (also known as “sintered stone”) which, thanks to exclusive and patented technologies, produces surfaces with unique technical-aesthetic features: continuous veining and full-body textures, i.e. graphics and inclusions distributed throughout the entire body of the slab, also visible in section. Extraordinary results, especially when compared to the thicknesses on which they are obtained. IDYLIUM indeed – unlike most of its competitors – focuses on the production of high thicknesses, starting from 20mm.

  • IDYLIUM Montenapoleone Collection – The continuous veining – Moony – Designed by Digital Design 

What challenges for this strategic initiative? For sure, the never-ending ongoing evolution, under the sign of experimentation. Innovative finishes applied to revolutionary surfaces in terms of size, hardness and resistance: exceptionally deep tactile-material structures applied to slabs with full-body texture and continuous veining. Like the Moony and Spacco finishes, true sensorial experiences able to give a new look and feel to each product and thus exponentially multiply the possible solutions offered.


DIGITAL DESIGN and IDYLIUM will devise solutions and creations to anticipate and satisfy the market trends of today and – above all – those of tomorrow.